Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hump Day!

What a week, and omg, Rapture's blog has exploded and of course nyxie just gotta add her two cents too!

Been a crazy week, Bill's mom is out of the hospital and at home with us now. I am not looking forward to it honestly but that's life and I love her.

Nicholas is sick, he has been down the pneumonia and they found a heart murmur, so we are taking him to see a specialist. I hope it's just an innocent murmur.

The older boys are great, Zachary is studying for his spot on the Brigade Staff for next year. For those of you wondering, its the district staff for JR ROTC.

Noah is getting all his financial aid gathered and ready for Texas A&M, he heads to school next fall, so I am very excited for him!

Happy Birthday to Bill, he turned 42 and for his birthday he got a new puppy, an eight week old Rottweiler we have named Rocky. SO cute!

Otherwise everything is wonderful!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Marriage and Gorean Whatahoodie!

First off, I was part of the Gorean community for many years. I was a slave, I lived with a Gorean man and went through the whole gauntlet of slave issues. Needless to say I was a horrible slave. I finally meet a Gorean man and I feel in love, we married, and we have children. We do not consider ourself very Gorean anymore. With kids, and daily family life, the philosophy what makes a person Gorean doesn't mend very well. I have taken values, ideas and understanding from the Gorean philosophy and we often discuss them but they do not rule how we run our lives. Personally I think it takes a very serious and strick committment to follow the Gorean philosphy.